What is the CaDC?

The California Data Collaborative (CaDC) is a network of water professionals collaborating to create tools and applied research supporting planning and analysis. Governed by water agencies and powered by technologists, the CaDC sees data and technology as a tool to realize a more reliable, resilient, and sustainable water industry.

Our Vision: A water industry inspired and empowered to make informed, data-driven decisions responsive to tomorrow’s water needs.

The Heart of the CaDC

Network of Talent — A key benefit of the CaDC is the time, effort, and institutional knowledge of the utility staff, academics, and other experts in our network. The CaDC builds community around better water data to enable more informed operational decisions and better accounting of our natural water resources. This is accomplished through committees, workshops, webinars, and the California Water Data Summit, the premier event on data in California water.


Strengthen Planning & Analysis — The CaDC staff create software tools to inform operational decisions within our member agencies. Our tools allow agencies to quantify the value of their water-efficiency programs, forecast the revenue effects of a rate shift, focus outreach and marketing, and more. The underlying data is not shared though the code powering those tools is made open-source where possible on the CaDC Github.


Accelerate Applied Research — Our unique inter-agency database of cleaned and standardized data accelerates research to generate insights for the water industry. The CaDC’s network of globally respected research institutions and expert industry professionals facilitates intellectual partnerships to fill gaps in knowledge and transform the state of the art. Data is shared only with utility-approved academic partners according to the CaDC data sharing protocols.


Navigate Policy Changes — As water reliability rises to the forefront of local and global concerns, regulatory bodies will require more and stronger compliance metrics. The CaDC helps users navigate the future of water policy by supporting communication and compliance with governing institutions.


Governance and Participants

Two months after launching in January 2016, the CaDC was honored by the White House for the founding water managers’ visionary investment in this concept. This coalition has grown to include world leading academic, tech companies and nongovernmental organizations to increase the value of this investment on behalf of the people of California. The CaDC operates as a 501(c)3 nonprofit to ensure alignment with the goals of our water management partners and is governed by a steering committee composed of subscribed participating agencies. See our governance page for more details and meet our participants below.

Member Agencies

Committee Chairs



Dr. Tom Chesnutt, CaDC Advising Statistician

Tom Chestnutt, CaDC Advising Statistician

Tom Chestnutt, CaDC Advising Statistician

Dr. Chesnutt is President of A & N Technical Services, Inc. He has extensive experience in econometric time-series analysis, stochastic simulation and forecasting in the fields of water policy, chemicals regulation, health policy and economic modeling. He was a co-principal investigator on the just completed AWE study titled Building Better Water Rates for an Uncertain World (including the AWE Sales Forecasting and Rate Model enacting principles of Probability Management which can be downloaded at financingsustainablewater.org.).

Dr. Chesnutt holds a Ph.D. and M.Phil. in Policy Analysis from the RAND Graduate School. He is a member of the American Statistical Association, the Econometric Society, the Institute for Operations Research and Management Science, the International Water Association, and AWWA, and the Society of Decision Professionals. Dr. Chesnutt volunteers for ProbabilityManagement.org, a nonprofit promulgating standards for quantitative depictions of uncertainty. Dr. Chesnutt is a Certified Analytics Professional (CAP®, see www.certifiedanalytics.org) and an Accredited Professional StatisticianTM (PStat®).


CaDC Research Fellows, Interns, and Emeritus

The CaDC benefits from an inspiring array of interns, research fellows, and former staff who provide their skills pro or low bono.

Join us!

Participating in the CaDC gets your agency award winning data services for less than half the cost a typical agency spends on computer toner…