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The CaDC operates under a software as a service model where utilities pay a fixed fee annually to support the ongoing maintenance and cleaning of the utilities data as well as access to all previous analytics developed and to support the scope of work to develop additional analytics based on utility input.  As part of the on-boarding process, utilities sign an analytics agreement that maintains data privacy subject to sharing with research institutions after written authorization by the respective agency.


  • Shared resources for cost-effective project development and evaluation

  • Ability to engage and collaborate with project partners from various sectors and organizations. The CaDC has partnered with a number of globally respected research institutions including Stanford, UCLA, USC, UC Riverside, UC Davis to engage in research to answer questions of value to participating agencies

  • Customer-level water data from multiple agencies across the state organized for effective analysis to improve water resource management and the development of policy by others

The full common scope of work for FY 2019-20 is available here.

Please see below for the CaDC participation levels and fees:

<15k meters 15k - 150k meters 150k+ meters
Tier 1 (Standard Utility) $5,000 $10,000 $20,000
Tier 2 (Water Budget or AMI) $15,000 $30,000 $60,000
Tier 3 (Water Budget and AMI) $22,500 $45,000 $90,000

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