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“At the CaDC we not only have the opportunity to collaborate on tools and research we develop together, we have the chance to partner with talented and innovative stakeholders from around the world to assist us in using data to make better water management decisions.”
— Elizabeth Lovsted, Director of Water Supply Planning, Eastern Municipal Water District and Chair of CaDC Steering Committee

The video below showcases how water managers, academics and technologists across California are coming together to move the water industry from a blockbuster to Netflix paradigm.  Change is hard but necessary! 

The California Data Collaborative ("CaDC") is a coalition of water utilities that have pioneered a new data infrastructure non-profit 501 (c) (3) to support water managers in meeting their reliability objectives and serve the public good. 


Honored by the 3/22/16 white House water summit


Customer meter level water use data may seem arcane and abstract, yet it is telling that the White House, a March 17, 2016 New York Times Op-Ed, the Western Governors Association, the California Council on Science and Technology and others have called for the water data integration this project is delivering.

With more than a thousand water providers serving some 35 million Californians, the need for comprehensive and consistent data has been a long-standing obstacle to forging meaningful and practical water policies.  As the focus on conservation and water efficiency continues to increase, the ability to apply data is critical to evaluate conservation efforts, identify opportunities, and develop new strategies that strike a balance between efficiency and local supply investment. 

The CaDC believes water agencies can be better prepared to take on future challenges and serve California’s growing population by making better use of shared data and applied technologies.  The Collaborative has benefited from many in-kind services listed below. The CaDC is committed to managing this data infrastructure on a nonprofit basis and ensuring it serves the public interest.

Other notable mentions since launching January 2016


The team operates through ARGO, a fiscally sponsored project of the National Center for Civic Innovation 501(c)3



In-Kind Services

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