“The new Efficiency Explorer tool is exactly what we needed to help us work more efficiently. We are now able to work quickly and easily with our water efficiency data to quickly obtain information, giving us more time to focus on helping our customers reduce their water use. This is a perfect solution for water agencies.”
— Fiona Sanchez, Irvine Ranch Water District

The CaDC Efficiency Explorers provide interactive dashboards that water managers can use to understand the implications of the Governor's new residential efficiency standards.  The video below demonstrates the functionality of that planning tool at a utility and neighborhood level.

Landscape area is a key data point in calculating these efficiency standards statewide.  The CaDC has partnered with Andrew Marx (CGU), who has developed a new algorithm to classify irrigable area using the National Agricultural Imagery Project (NAIP).  This imagery is free, publicly available and in 2016 is available at a higher resolution (60 cm versus 1 meter in 2014). 

 NAIP imagery and resulting classifications.  Courtesy of Andrew Marx (CGU).  

NAIP imagery and resulting classifications.  Courtesy of Andrew Marx (CGU).  

This algorithm could be redeployed to other, higher resolution proprietary data sets.  In addition, the CaDC has been working closely with leading vendors on how to develop those landscape area and other measurements as part of an integrated, phased approach to statewide water efficiency.  That data offers key context, not only for setting efficiency standards, but for providing tools to support water managers to measure program effectiveness and understand what works in their unique service area in order to actually meet those efficiency targets.  

This sort of interactive visualization can also be used to benchmark CII water use efficiency through more granular customer categories like restaurants or warehouses rather than commercial customers broadly.  See here for an example of this approach deployed for the City of New York.  Several CaDC staff helped develop that tool.