CaDC Governance Structure

CaDC Key Benefits

  • Customer level water data from multiple agencies across the state organized for effective analysis to improve water resource management and the development of policy by others.
  • Ability to engage and collaborate with project partners from various sectors and organizations.
  • Shared resources for cost effective project development and evaluation.

Steering Committee

  • Each CaDC member contributing its full annual assessment to the CaDC will be permitted to have a representative on the Steering Committee.
    • Each CaDC member will designate a steering committee member and alternate. 

    • This will be subject to reconsideration based on future growth of the CaDC and Board participation.

    • Scheduled quarterly meetings and tactical updates as needed
  • Participating members of the CaDC will not represent the CaDC without being designated to do so by Steering Committee and shall at all times adhere to the CaDC Policy Principles.
  • Final completed work products may be presented to external entities by CaDC staff.  Staff will keep the Steering Committee informed of such presentations.
    • Staff and members will  follow the CaDC Policy Principles when presenting projects or information associated with the CaDC


  • Approve the final scope of work for common CaDC projects.
    • Project will be proposed/refined by the data action teams for approval. (This section does not limit the ability of CaDC members to choose to share their data for specific partner projects)
    • Scope of work will include, at a minimum: Project purpose statement; initial assumptions; source(s) of data; project partners; timeline; budget; and deliverables.
  • Review and approve the annual budget and expenditures for the CaDC.
  • Approve any revisions to the scope of work and budget for common CaDC projects.
  • Approve grant funding applications and agreements prior to implementation.
  • Approve the final completed work product prior to publication or dissemination.
    • Director will report progress and present final deliverable to the Steering Committee.
    • Draft results will not be distributed outside of the Data Collaborative.
  • Review and approve new members and will have the right to revoke membership if required.


CaDC Director

  • Accountable to the Steering Committee.


  • Administration of the CaDC.
  • Prepare annual budget and track expenditures and revenue.
  • Prepares scope of work and work plan for each project in the Analytics Agreement, including the following:
    • Project purpose statement; initial assumptions; source of data; project partners; timeline; budget; and deliverables.
  • Coordinates with CaDC collaborators to complete projects.
  • Updates Data Action Teams and Steering Committee.
  • Pursues appropriate grant funding and prepares grant applications.
  • Direct and hire project staff to deliver on approved analytics projects
  • Present CaDC Policy Principles to be reviewed and revised by the Steering Committee, as needed.


Data Action Teams

  • CaDC members and external stakeholders able to participate.
  • Data Action Team participants are not permitted to share draft results outside of the CaDC.


  • Review, refine and provide input to Project Manager on proposed project scopes of work and work plans.
  • Provide technical review resources for projects in process.
  • Review and comment on draft work products.
  • Approval and summarization of work products