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The California Data Collaborative or “CaDC” is a collaborative project where local cities, water retailers, and land planning agencies have come together to build new data infrastructure to ensure California has reliable water today and into the future. This visionary investment enables CaDC agencies to share costs and jointly develop technical solutions to common challenges. For more on our governance and members, see our About page.

To develop technical solutions, agency data are pulled into the CaDC data platform where it is cleaned, standardized, and enriched with additional context like evapotranspiration and demographic data from the American Community Survey. With this unique database of metered water use and rebate participation data, the CaDC can build analytical tools, develop applied research, and streamline existing reporting requirements to the State.

Our primary focus areas are described below.

Analytical Tools

New water efficiency regulations present unique challenges for water managers. Linking statewide landscape area with your utility’s data, CaDC Analytics powers analytics that support integrated management across water efficiency, planning, and finance.

These analytics help water managers plan for and achieve their new water efficiency goals. CaDC tools make use of agency and external data to assist staff with tasks like understanding water efficiency in their service area, analyzing the water savings of water efficiency rebates, and forecasting the impact of water rate changes.

We’ve deployed demo versions of some of our open-source data visualization tools, which can be found below:

Applied Research

Many brilliant researchers want to help California’s water community. Yet with over a thousand local water retailers, it can be exceedingly difficult for talented researchers to actually access the data they need.

The CaDC’s unique inter-agency database of cleaned and standardized metered water use and rebate participation data allows researchers from world class institutions to advance the state of knowledge in the water industry. The scope and diversity of CaDC membership makes this a particularly effective data set for investigating issues like pricing, messaging, and the effectiveness of water efficiency programs.

See our September 18 report published with the Southern California Water Coalition Water-Energy Task Force on market transformation in outdoor water use efficiency.

Streamlined Reporting

Local water utilities are required to submit the same information multiple times to state agencies. The CaDC is working to simplify that reporting by leveraging its data infrastructure and the meter reads it has already collected, cleaned and standardized. Take the survey below to make your agency's voice heard in the effort to lower the burden of duplicative reporting requirements. 

The results of this survey will complement in-depth sessions with member agency staff, and help us transform data we already maintain (or can be collected through novel, low cost technologies like the CaDC’s Open Water Rate ecosystem) to automatically output tables in formats required by different State reports. This will allow utility staff focus on the more strategic and narrative components of these reports and long term plans.

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