Our mission:

The California Data Collaborative (CaDC) is a network of water professionals collaborating to create tools and applied research supporting planning and analysis. We envision a water industry inspired and empowered to make informed data-driven decisions responsive to tomorrow’s water needs.


The CaDC securely maintains cleaned, standardized, and enriched water use and rebate participation data. Under the direction of member agencies, this unique database is used to develop custom tools for planning and analysis, and to generate novel research insights.


The CaDC operates as a 501(c)3 nonprofit to ensure alignment with the goals of our water management partners. All CaDC activities—from which research questions we pursue to which software features get shortlisted for development—are directed by member agencies.


At the CaDC we not only have the opportunity to collaborate on tools and research we develop together, we have the chance to partner with talented and innovative stakeholders from around the world to assist us in using data to make better water management decisions.
— Elizabeth Lovsted, Water Resources Manager (SDCWA) and former Chair of CaDC Steering Committee